Celebrating 5 years of Dandy Classics

5 years ago, I turned my passion for motoring icons into a business. What started as a small shop developed into a 1500 m2 showroom, storage facility and parts warehouse. During these 5 years I have been lucky to meet a lot of fellow enthusiasts, helping them realise their dreams on wheels, or pass them on to someone else. In and out came a wide variety of cars, that attracted a wide variety of folks, all with a shared passion. Classic cars stir up emotions, inspire and connect people.

Rusty wrecks were rescued from leaky barns, shipped across the world and passed on to skillful enthusiasts. No doubt these cars have put their new owners to the test. Greasy fingernails, welding burns and bloody knuckles are just some of the physical discomforts that come with a restoration. The mental challenge is one of hardship and discipline, learning new skills and bringing that big project to an end. The biggest reward comes at the end. Finally that big smile on your face when you are able to drive your own crystallised blood sweat and tears; ‘I love it when a plan comes together’.

Developing Dandy Classics is a journey comparable with the restoration of a classic car. It’s a story of ups and downs, of perseverance and dedicated attention. Two major developments were creating a 2000 article web shop and establishing a dedicated storage facility. The collection of classic cars for sale is ever changing and growing, with old friends making place for new arrivals.

Looking back, it is hard to believe to have been in business for 5 years already. Time sure flies when you are having fun. A big word of thanks goes out to our customers. Without your trust and enthusiasm, this journey would not have been possible. Thanks a lot for your continued support! Lets make the next 5 years as memorable as the last ones.