1971 Volkswagen T2A microbus

This late VW T2A was acquired at auction from the insurance company, after it suffered a fire damage. Luckily, the fire was mostly limited to the engine bay, so that this bus is still an excellent candidate for a thorough restoration.

Built in Germany as a US market type 22 Deluxe 7-seater microbus, the T2 later received a camper bed and a spare wheel mount at the front. The original seats are still included, so the new owner can either keep it original or convert it to a popular camper van.

VW afficionados know that the most important factor in acquiring any aircooled bus is the condition of its body. Rotisserie restorations have become the norm these days, with high values being paid for top notch examples.

The list of rust damage on this bus is remarkably short: some typical perforation in the front floor panels, as well as two minor areas in the central floor panel, just behind the sliding door. That’s it. Of course, the underside shows a good amount of surface rust, but it is clear that this T2 has probably spent its entire life in the mild climate of California.

As for the fire damage to the rear, some heat deformation is visible on the corner sections, and to a greater amount on the engine lid. Nothing that a skilled metalworker cannot correct, although it might be wiser to get a good replacement engine lid if you want to completely avoid working with body filler.

Although the car looks charming at a distance, the yellow paint job would put a professional painter to shame. If top quality is what you are striving for, the exterior panels will have to go back to bare metal. Originality freaks will bring the car back to its original Kansas Beige, most others would probably choose from a selection of period-correct two-tone options.

The engine fire was probably caused by a leaky rubber fuel hose, causing the ignition spark to ignite the flames. As a result, the carburettor has melted and all electrical parts on the top half of the engine have vanished. The engine itself, protected with heat shields and a sufficient level of clean oil, still turns freely (tested by pushing the car while in gear). Expect at least a basic check up and partial rebuild, before it can be put back into service.

The interior is still mostly intact and will need to be renovated. The front seats have been reupholstered in black, but were originally beige, like the rear seats and trim panels. The dashboard is in good condition and would need to be thoroughly cleaned. To extinguish the fire, the rear window glass and sliding door’s ventilation glass were broken. A T2’s headliner is apparently of a highly combustible material, as all that is left are the metal rods. Period original radio, a double set of keys and original jack are included. The odometre reading is 40.535 mls.

A great candidate for a high quality restoration, this old Volkswagen screams to be restored by a practical enthusiast.

Price: € 7.900

Our T2 bus has a US title (California) and EU import document (duties paid). Door-to-door delivery possible throughout Europe, contact us for a shipping quote. Visits and inspections by appointment at Dandy Classics in the Netherlands.

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