Our service workshop is equipped to give your classic car the dedicated attention it deserves. At Dandy Classics we have years of experience working with British and Italian cars. Our specialisation is in classic british sports cars: MG, Triumph, Jaguar and Austin-Healey. Other cars we worked on include Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Maserati, Lotus, Porsche and Mercedes-Benz. We can help you with regular service work, repairs and rebuilds.

Classic car workshop Triumph TR3A brake service Dandy Classics workshop Jaguar E-type V12 service workshop

Our workshop can also assist you out with restoring your classic. Our definition of a restoration is to bring a car back in a condition that is as good or even slightly better than the day it left the factory. On certain cars, a mix between preservation and restoration can be more appropriate. A proper restoration is a time consuming project that requires dedication, craftsmanship and historical knowledge.

Done the right way, every part is disassembled, until the last nut and bolt. Parts are being cleaned, restored, rebuilt or replaced. Piece by piece, a new car is born to factory specifications. We can take care of the whole restoration process, or help you with certain projects.

 MG classic car restoration Morgan body work classic car restoration Jaguar E-type restoration in our workshop

Morgan +4 PK-97-05 flat rad

Original Dutch plates: 1952 Morgan Plus Four ‘Flat Rad’

A red Plus Four left the Morgan factory in Malvern Link on 17 March 1952, on its way to a journalist from Scheveningen in the Netherlands. The car caught the eye of a young petrol attendant, who closed a gentleman's agreement with the first owner. Should the Morgan ever be sold, he would be granted […]

MGB aankooptips chroom rubber bumper

MGB buyer’s guide

The MGB is still widely regarded as the most popular british sports car. For a good reason, we think. The B combines elegant looks with good driving characteristics, reliability and serviceability. Thanks to its high production numbers, the MGB is still a very affordable classic car.   Which  MGB to buy? With a production span […]

MGA frame restoration

MG MGA chassis frame restoration

  Having started the restoration of our 1960 MGA 1600 roadster, the first step is in restoring the MGA chassis frame. This was quite the challenge, as the chassis had suffered from severe corrosion, and various attempts to keep the rusting metal together. With a methodical approach and some perseverence, we saved this chassis from […]

MG TD restored

This red MG TD was bought by us in California back in 2015. The car at that time was a running, unrestored project car with a solid chassis and body. We sold the car to a Dutch MG enthusiast, born in the same year as the car: 1952. Having restored several classic cars before, owning […]

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