1995 Mercedes SL600 R129 for sale

This dark grey Mercedes SL600 R129 roadster was built in 06/1994 and first registered in 1995. Delivered new in Texas, the SL600 has been registered in Louisiana since 2000. Now aged just over 25, this Mercedes SL is in need of a midlife update and should be considered a project car.

The body of this Mercedes R129 is free of rust. The factory original paint, although mostly in presentable condition, shows various cosmetic imperfections. Clean VIN report, with correct mileage and no damage history. The car has its factory hard top and sits on big chrome-plated AMG wheels. The front bumper has been replaced in the past and shows some light damage and peeling paint.

The car's interior needs work. The leather flank of the driver's seat is damaged, some of the wood panels need to be resurfaced or replaced. Unfortunately, the previous owner added a large speaker box in the rear, which can easily be removed. Since the soft and hard top hydraulic system is not working, the condition of the soft top is unknown. The windows have been tinted with foil, which can easily be removed.

All factory manuals and booklets are included. The Mercedes SL600 was dealer serviced until 60.000 mls. A thorough maintenance update is advised, as it is unknown when the last service was done. Clean engine oil, transmission fluid and coolant, dirty brake fluid. Plastic windscreen washer reservoir is deteriorated at top corner. Tyres appear to be in good condition. Current mileage: 94.568.

Known defects: leaking valve block of front hydraulic suspension, oil leak at connection from oil cooler to oil pump. Insulation of oil pressure sender wire has crumbled. The car has had its engine bay harness replaced at the Mercedes dealer (commonly known recall of the R129 series, after biodegradable wiring harnesses started to crumble). Some oil fume at cold start - a common problem on the V12 Mercedes engine caused by faulty cranckase ventilation. The engine idles smoothly and runs well. Transmission and brakes work well.

Give this flagship Mercedes V12 the right amount of attention and turn it into a great future classic.

Price: € 9.800

This Mercedes SL600 has a US title (Louisiana) and EU customs document. All import duties have been paid. Door-to-door delivery possible (EU only), contact us for a shipping quote. Visits and inspections by appointment at Dandy Classics in the Netherlands.

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