1967 Volkswagen Beetle 1200

Europe's post war economic development experienced a hickup in 1966, when Germany entered into a recession. Unfortunately, Volkswagen had just planned to upgrade its evergreen Beetle. Blinded by the Wirtschaftswunder, the people's car had turned into a 'super beetle', with a 54hp 1500 cc engine and fancy disc brakes. To prevent an all to significant drop in sales, Wolfsburg quickly introduced a downgraded entry level model with the old 1200 engine. In Germany, it became known as the 'Spar-Käfer'. Not many of these models have survived, as they were not considered worth saving, let alone restoring. Nowadays it is a lot easier to find an excellent Porsche 356 than an economy beetle in comparable condition.

The frugal Beetle that we have on offer was probably an early transition model, as it has a 1300 badge with a 1200 engine. It was sold new in the Netherlands, to the HTM (The Hague Tram Company) where it served as a service vehicle. Some relics of this era are still present: 'TECH. DIENST HTM' script on the sunvisor, a period fire extinguisher and a few extra dashboard switches, assumingly for a beacon light that was later removed. The car had been stored indoors since the early 1980's and was acquired by its 3rd owner in 1996. A thorough restoration was performed, with respect to its originality.

The engine runs excellently. It received a complete strip down and rebuild at 92.000 km, and is currently at 102.852 km. It has not been converted to unleaded fuel and requires the use of lead replacement additive. 6 Volt electrical system. The gearbox was never taken apart and functions well. Since the engine rebuild, the heater boxes have not yet been connected. The car was only driven in summer during the past 20 years. They can easilly be re-connected, but their condition is unknown. Technical inspection valid until 25/05/2020.

The body of this car is in very good condition. The 20 year old respray in factory original colour looks like it was done last year. It has a professional finish and excellent shine, without major damages. Perfectionists would want to replate the chrome parts, especially the bumpers. One of the small front fender ventilation grilles is chrome plated, while the other is painted in body colour. The underbody is in good condition. The only visible rust-through is at a small spot in the rear around a drainage hole (pictured in detail). Suspension parts still show their factory surface treatment, plus some light surface rust. This is a very honest car without covered up repairs.

The interior is beautifully original. Factory original vinyl seat covers in good condition, showing some light wear on the driver's seat. New carpet set, original headlining and period correct Philips transistor car radio.

This rare Beetle will be appreciated by Volkswagen collectors and enthusiasts. A reliable driver with show car appeal, this car is ready to be enjoyed.

Price: € 9.750

Original Dutch registration. Although it would be a shame to export this car, we can organise an export certificate for registration in other countries. Professional door-to-door delivery possible (EU only), contact us for a shipping quote. Visits and inspections by appointment at Dandy Classics in the Netherlands.

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